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  1. Stuart Wright

    App Milage

    If 151m = 100% and you stop to charge at about 20% (30 miles remaining) back up to 80% and drive until 20% again, then that’s 60% of 151m you are driving each time which is 90 miles between chargers. My 2017 Ioniq had 140 miles real world range with its 28kw battery. It became tiresome doing...
  2. Stuart Wright

    We Buy Any Car valuation

    The value of all EVs has gone down a lot over the last 12 months.
  3. Stuart Wright

    MeowEV - 3rd party Thai App for Ora Cat Owners

    Translates to @erez please post in English. Thank you.
  4. Stuart Wright

    2 First Edition 72 plate ex demo red 03s for £26k at Lookers Wolverhampton

    My wife test drove it a couple of days ago to see if she could live without Waze and largely, she thinks she would be ok. There are some aspects which are much better than her current Fiesta Eco Boost, of course. Internal quality and cameras were the obvious ones. She loves the outside and...
  5. Stuart Wright

    2 First Edition 72 plate ex demo red 03s for £26k at Lookers Wolverhampton

    Went with my wife to test drive the 03 last week and while at Lookers Wolverhampton spotted a couple of the red 72 plate 03 demo cars with a £26k price on them. FYI. The salesman said that they’d take sensible offers on that, as well.
  6. Stuart Wright

    ORA 03 sat nav - does it show motorway lanes?

    Since without Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, we can’t use Waze with its excellent display of lanes on a motorway, I want to ask whether the ORA 03 has the same display of multiple motorway lanes with an indication of which to take? Here is how Waze looks Could anyone please share how it looks...
  7. Stuart Wright

    Site updates

    Upgraded the forums to Xenforo 2.2.15 which includes the 2.2.14 update.
  8. Stuart Wright

    Email from GWM ORA UK about renaming the Funky Cat to the 03

    I haven't seen the Facebook info, so I couldn't say.
  9. Stuart Wright

    Email from GWM ORA UK about renaming the Funky Cat to the 03

    It's actually a press release dated November 22nd 2023 on the GWM ORA UK website. Introducing the ORA 03. View this email online Three wishes. The hilarious Three Stooges. Three-course meal anyone? And here’s another one - introducing the ORA 03. It’s the same great car...
  10. Stuart Wright

    What range is your car reporting on full charge?

    It's perfectly normal for cars to have significantly reduced range when it's colder. Especially if you are doing short trips where the battery is having to warm you (and perhaps itself) up to a decent temperature just as you arrive and switch off. Then the predicted range will be a lot lower...
  11. Stuart Wright

    What ORA UK / GWM need to do

    For a long time I mounted my iPhone in my car (diesel Audi with a phone holder stuck to the windscreen with a suction cup) and used Waze just fine. I’d do that again if I needed to.
  12. Stuart Wright

    What ORA UK / GWM need to do

    You shouldn’t have to contact the ORA support desk. The dealer who sold you the car should provide all the support you need, right?
  13. Stuart Wright

    What ORA UK / GWM need to do

    There will be software quirks on all new cars. There are some on the MG4, for example. Cars are computers on wheels and are pretty complicated with limited debugging resources.
  14. Stuart Wright

    Enjoying and frustrated by my Cat

    Two threads about the recall merged.
  15. Stuart Wright

    How to stop the "Ensure that the key is in the car" message?

    Thanks @Miles Roberts CG who made it :)
  16. Stuart Wright

    Ora App Car Location off by 85 miles!

    This is a software issue and companies allocate limited resources to software development. This is an example of where not enough $$$ has been spent on software. In my experience, it happens in all cars. It's the law of diminishing returns.
  17. Stuart Wright

    Customer Survey

  18. Stuart Wright

    What ORA UK / GWM need to do

    ORA UK wouldn't. It's GWM in China that would make all the changes. You shouldn't need to ever call ORA UK. Should be the dealer as the first and last point of call. It's just software. Lots of cars have driver memory. My 2017 Ioniq had two but controlled driver seat positions, which was...
  19. Stuart Wright

    CarPlay deal maker/breaker

    This is the advice we give over at avforums with regard to features in TVs and other home cinema equipment. If the feature is a deal breaker to you, either wait or buy something else. I wouldn't buy a car without Carplay unless it was a Tesla. This sounds promising. Contact your dealer to ask...