A car or an automobile is a motor vehicle with wheels. Most definitions of cars say that they run primarily on roads, seat one to eight people, have four wheels, and mainly transport people, not cargo.French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built the first steam-powered road vehicle in 1769, while French-born-Swiss inventor François Isaac de Rivaz designed and constructed the first internal combustion powered automobile in 1808. The modern car—a practical, marketable automobile for everyday use—was invented in 1886, when German inventor Carl Benz patented his Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Commercial cars became widely available during the 20th century. One of the first cars affordable by the masses was the 1908 Model T, an American car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Cars were rapidly adopted in the US, where they replaced horse-drawn carriages. In Europe and other parts of the world, demand for automobiles did not increase until after World War II. The car is considered an essential part of the developed economy.
Cars have controls for driving, parking, passenger comfort, and a variety of lights. Over the decades, additional features and controls have been added to vehicles, making them progressively more complex. These include rear-reversing cameras, air conditioning, navigation systems, and in-car entertainment. Most cars in use in the early 2020s are propelled by an internal combustion engine, fuelled by the combustion of fossil fuels. Electric cars, which were invented early in the history of the car, became commercially available in the 2000s and are predicted to cost less to buy than gasoline cars before 2025. The transition from fossil fuels to electric cars features prominently in most climate change mitigation scenarios, such as Project Drawdown's 100 actionable solutions for climate change.There are costs and benefits to car use. The costs to the individual include acquiring the vehicle, interest payments (if the car is financed), repairs and maintenance, fuel, depreciation, driving time, parking fees, taxes, and insurance. The costs to society include maintaining roads, land use, road congestion, air pollution, noise pollution, public health, and disposing of the vehicle at the end of its life. Traffic collisions are the largest cause of injury-related deaths worldwide. Personal benefits include on-demand transportation, mobility, independence, and convenience. Societal benefits include economic benefits, such as job and wealth creation from the automotive industry, transportation provision, societal well-being from leisure and travel opportunities, and revenue generation from taxes. People's ability to move flexibly from place to place has far-reaching implications for the nature of societies.There are around one billion cars in use worldwide. Car usage is increasing rapidly, especially in China, India, and other newly industrialized countries.

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  1. M

    E park error - car isnt moving

    Just charged my car and now i am getting an error " e park error". Car isn't moving. Anyone knows what to do. Stuck for 2 hrs now...
  2. O

    How to disable Ora alarm as cannot leave dog inside car if running into a shop

    I can't figure out how to disable alarm when my pet is in the car and need to pop into a shop or run an errand. It keeps going off because it detects movement.
  3. F

    Door opened message

    My dog woke me up at about 3am last night and I noticed 4 messages telling me my car door was opened from several minutes before in my phone. I checked and the car was still locked. Anyone else get random messages like this from the app?
  4. F


    Anyone sourced 3rd party car mats for their cat? I got some generic ones at Halfords on day one but the drivers mat migrates around the floor and is not helping keep the carpet clean.
  5. William

    We Buy Any Car valuation

    Last month (February) I was quoted £18,375, this month my valuation is £16380. I've only done 8,000 miles. Soon it will be worth less than the guaranteed buy back value at the end of the term.
  6. R

    AA cover arranged by ORA

    I have attached details of the AA cover provided when a car is purchased new. The details have been supplied by ORA UK for which many thanks.
  7. William

    Back Light Cluster on the Steering Wheel staying on

    Mine are on and won't go off. They were on when I went to the car this morning and haven't turned off since. Have I accidentally turned on a setting or is this a fault?
  8. M

    Car alarm

    Has anyone else experienced the car alarm going off randomly, this has happened to me on four occasions over the last few weeks. I receive a notification to say the door of the vehicle is being opened and that I should close in time. The alarm then sounds. All doors and windows are closed and...
  9. R

    What is the latest software version?

    Our car has software version 1.0 installed. Does anyone know if that is the only or most recent version please?
  10. J

    Problems with Deezer

    I’ve tried logging in to Deezer on my new car, but it says the browser is no longer supported and won’t play music. Has anyone else managed to get it to work?
  11. T

    What range is your car reporting on full charge?

    What range are people seeing when their funky cat, (or whatever they are calling it this week) is fully charged? Mine says 143 miles and it’s definitely 100% charged. I thought this was supposed to be nearer 180 ish? Mines only 2 weeks old and I did do a few launch control starts and I am...
  12. T

    Rubber mats available from anywhere?

    Hello, when we picked up our ORA in August we ordered rubber mats to the floor as the car was delivered with textile mats. Here in Sweden that is a bad idea during winter. I called the dealer today and asked but no new mats yet and no info. Has anyone in UK found rubber mats?
  13. R

    How to stop the "Ensure that the key is in the car" message?

    My Ora has developed an annoying habit. If I stop and apply the parking brake it will suddenly say: "Ensure that the key is in the car". The phrase is repeated continuously until I lock the doors. It happens not only when the key is in the car but also if I am standing outside it with the key...
  14. M

    Ora App Car Location off by 85 miles!

    Does anyone know why, when my car is sat on my drive, the Ora App thinks it is over 85 miles away, apparently in the Humber Estuary? I have switched on location authorisation, but that has made no difference. Anyone any ideas?
  15. stan69

    Cats stuck at port in UK?

    Not sure whether this is true or if I'm being spun a line by the dealer, but apparently the reason my car is taking so long to turn up is because all the cats in the port need a software update before they can be released. Anyone else heard this? I was meant to get it a month ago and now they're...
  16. William

    Your car has undergone abnormal changes. Please promptly check whether it has been stolen or collided

    My Cat was reversed into last week by a 3.5T delivery van. The next day I received this message Your car has undergone abnormal changes. Please promptly check whether it has been stolen or collided. This might have been helpful if I received it at the time.
  17. R

    Distribution centre

    Hi Just ordered car. does anyone know where the distribution centre centre is from where cars are sent to dealer. Do they do the PDI there? Thanks
  18. Stuart Wright

    From Carwow: New Ora electric saloon car revealed for the UK: price, specs and release date Ora is launching a new electric saloon to sit above the Funky Cat. It’s called the Lightning Cat in China, however a UK name hasn’t been confirmed just yet. New Ora electric saloon revealed Retro-designed...