A charging station, also known as a charge point or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles (including electric cars, electric trucks, electric buses, neighborhood electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids).
There are two main types: AC charging stations and DC charging stations. Batteries can only be charged with direct current (DC) electric power, while most electricity is delivered from the power grid as alternating current (AC). For this reason, most electric vehicles have a built-in AC-to-DC converter, commonly known as the "onboard charger". At an AC charging station, AC power from the grid is supplied to this onboard charger, which produces DC power to charge the battery. DC chargers facilitate higher power charging (which requires much larger AC-to-DC converters) by building the converter into the charging station instead of the vehicle to avoid size and weight restrictions. The station then supplies DC power to the vehicle directly, bypassing the onboard converter. Most fully electric car models can accept both AC and DC power.
Charging stations provide connectors that conform to a variety of international standards. DC charging stations are commonly equipped with multiple connectors to be able to charge a wide variety of vehicles that utilize competing standards.
Public charging stations are typically found street-side or at retail shopping centers, government facilities, and other parking areas. Private charging stations are typically found at residences, workplaces, and hotels.

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  1. M

    E park error - car isnt moving

    Just charged my car and now i am getting an error " e park error". Car isn't moving. Anyone knows what to do. Stuck for 2 hrs now...
  2. R

    Charging at Eurotunnel

    Should anyone intend to use Le Shuttle there a couple of points of interest: 1) the non-Tesla chargers on the UK side are out of use. They have been blocked off by a temporary road scheme. 2) There are new DC chargers in the French terminal provided by Energie. The instructions on the chargers...
  3. C

    App Milage

    so my Ora funky Cat can now do 290 miles on 50% charge 🤣 this happened to anyone else ?
  4. A

    Lower Amperage during charging?

    Hi There, Is there a way to lower the amperage on dashboard during charging? I have looked everywhere and no options on app either. I have an old Rolec charger ( 2017 ) and keeps tripping after one hour of charge. It also happens with our other electric car, but I can fix by just lowering from...
  5. D

    Not recognising any charging gun is connected

    I have a problem, my 03 has been charging fine for ages, then last night, it didnt charge. I have an Ohme ePod. The app says "Please plug in the charging gun", i tried everything - switched power off to the ePod, disconnected, reconnected, drove for a bit, tried again, its still not recognising...
  6. N

    Charging at reduced rate

    Morning, Over the last two weeks I've realised that I have an issue with the charging speeds. Over the course of the off peak 6 hours overnight I used to get 40KWh with but recently it has dropped to between 30-34 Kwh. I have spoked to Podpoint who have looked at their records and showing that...
  7. L

    Removing A Stuck Wall Charging Plug from the GWM Ora 03 GT Vehicle

    Hi All, I hope this helps someone else. Our problem: Trying to get the charging plug out of the car socket (connecting point) once the charger had finished charging. It seemed like the plug was "Stuck in with glue". I was pulling it and wiggling it and pulling it with all my strength to no...
  8. W

    Scheduled Charging issues

    Good morning - looking some help and getting no information from the dealership that i have bought the car from Ora Funky Cat. Scheduled Charging - i am having huge problems with the scheduled charging. It has been hit and miss and now on the GWM Ora app it no longer gives you a end time to set...
  9. R

    Warming (preconditioning) the battery

    Could some one please advise me when to turn on battery warming when charging. I understand the principles relating to battery temperature but cannot find out when to warm the battery. I have read on a web site that a battery will be fine at 7 - 10º but can find no information in the car...
  10. M

    Ora 03 charging speeds

    Just wondering what speeds people are seeing from DC rapid chargers, I understand the max speed is 64kW, however the fastest I have observed is 36kW and that was from a 150kW charger. That was when the battery was at about 20%.
  11. O

    New owner question: how to stop charging?

    Hi all! New owner here and first time electric car user! So I just plugged in my Ora into a charger we have in the garage of my apartment building and the Ora started charging (it says so on the dashboard). But I can't make it stop. The charger itself it quite dump, doesn't have any buttons...
  12. L

    My CAT shut down. Anyone else had a battery charging system failure?

    My Ora just stopped in the middle of the road and completely shut down. It had 50+miles of battery. No hazard lights could work, windows wouldn’t close and doors would not lock. Anyone suffered this misfortune? AA said the normal battery was not recharging and they gave a new battery enough to...
  13. Lez60

    If Charging Plug gets stuck or wont insert.. info here

    I thought this may be of interest...from a Facebook post. Its also been suggested to lightly coat the locking pin with Silicon grease. Also, unlocking, locking, then unlocking again via keyfob usually works too.
  14. T


    it was cold a morning this week when it was time to go to work. Tried to start the preheat of the car. But the charger was connected and that was a big no no. This will be a big fudge up in the winter. Is this a common thing on ev cars? Or is just ORA stupid? Love the car otherwise but this. 😡
  15. William

    Poll: Have You Been Able to Successfully Charge At These Fast Chargers

    Hi all - regarding the ongoing issue regarding the Funky Cat and software compatibility I thought it would be a good idea to start a poll in our forum. These are the top ten charging networks in the UK according to ZapMap.
  16. William

    ORA Funky Cat will not charge on Gridserve DC chargers without update

    I had my first proper road trip with the Funky Cat this weekend. I did all my research regarding charging before I went and planned to stop at Oxford Services on the M40 and Clacket Lane on the M25. There are two fast chargers at Oxford which aren't very well signposted but we found them and...