MileagePlus is the loyalty program of United Airlines that offers rewards to passengers traveling on certain types of tickets. Following the 2010 merger agreement between United and Continental Airlines, United Mileage Plus was chosen to be the frequent flyer program for the combined airline. The program was subsequently renamed to MileagePlus, and maintains its relationship with its Star Alliance partners, as well as other airline and travel enterprise agreements.
Following the integration and phase out of Continental OnePass on March 3, 2012, MileagePlus also became the frequent flyer program for Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia. The new program member IDs follow the OnePass format (2 letters + 6 digits) in lieu of the old Mileage Plus format (11 digits), and any members who had existing OnePass member ID numbers retained their existing numbers. In March 2015, Copa Airlines announced that it would phase out the MileagePlus program in favor of a new frequent flyer program called ConnectMiles.

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  1. C

    App Milage

    so my Ora funky Cat can now do 290 miles on 50% charge 🤣 this happened to anyone else ?
  2. William

    We Buy Any Car valuation

    Last month (February) I was quoted £18,375, this month my valuation is £16380. I've only done 8,000 miles. Soon it will be worth less than the guaranteed buy back value at the end of the term.
  3. A

    Range!!! (Again) and other Issues?

    Hi all, hope you are well. I am thinking of leasing the 03 Pure+, but was worried about the mileage range. There are so many conflicting comments online that im now confused. Can you please tell me roughly what sort of range you get please? I do a 110 mile round trip once a week, so wanted to...