2 First Edition 72 plate ex demo red 03s for £26k at Lookers Wolverhampton

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Nov 16, 2021
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Went with my wife to test drive the 03 last week and while at Lookers Wolverhampton spotted a couple of the red 72 plate 03 demo cars with a £26k price on them.
The salesman said that they’d take sensible offers on that, as well.
a) what did you think after your test drive? I've seen the car but not driven it yet. I'm waiting for the software and othwer issues highlighted here to be sorted first. And

b) yes they should do a deal because if you go elsewhere....

I counted 9 on Autotrader at under £20K this morning. So for cash buyers there are some really good deals out there on the First Edition standard battery cars.
what did you think after your test drive? I've seen the car but not driven it yet. I'm waiting for the software and othwer issues highlighted here to be sorted first
My wife test drove it a couple of days ago to see if she could live without Waze and largely, she thinks she would be ok.
There are some aspects which are much better than her current Fiesta Eco Boost, of course. Internal quality and cameras were the obvious ones. She loves the outside and inside of the car. The very limited range of the First Edition would be ok since her commute is less than 100 miles per day and she could charge it in 4.5 hours at 11kWh from empty to full for 7.5p x 48kw = £3.60.
Once she made the decision that she would wants it (price from @Miles Roberts CG would be great, range and quality all good), the next step was finding insurance.
What killed the prospect was the cost of insurance, which I checked with MoneySupermarket, Confused.com, Go Compare and Direct Line (who wouldn't insure her) and the cheapest price was so much more than she's currently paying that it would more than negate the saving she'd make by having an EV. She only passed her test 6 months ago. So we decided to stop looking for an EV for her for a couple of years, maybe, until she has more no claims bonus. Unless her current insurance goes up to match the cost of insuring the ORA. Although the lease price will likely have gone up out of her price range by then.
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This forum seems to indicate big problems with insuring the ORA 03 at the moment. Once that is sorted (as it will be I'm sure) you should access better quotes. Of course time driving/experience always has an effect on prices. But fingers crossed.

You make very valid points about the look and build quality of the car. I don't think anyone who has seen it has been unimpressed with the interior look/feel. It is an impressive package.

And the cost of home charging vs petrol/diesel is a no-brainer. It is true that for most people a 193 WLTP range is more than adequate. Though real life range experiences on here seem to vary wildly. Especially in the colder weather. Personally I would prefer the longer range car - especially as it has the heated seats which I would really miss. So I am keeping an eye on prices for one of those.

Indeed lease prices on EVs change regularly and seem to have very little logic to them. One month you can lease your XXX EV for £425. The next it is £299. I see there is now a £185 PCH deal on the website for the smaller battery car (£2220 deposit, 24 month lease). Interesting.