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Feb 8, 2024
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CAT Aurora Green

Over the last two weeks I've realised that I have an issue with the charging speeds. Over the course of the off peak 6 hours overnight I used to get 40KWh with but recently it has dropped to between 30-34 Kwh. I have spoked to Podpoint who have looked at their records and showing that the car (presumably) is restricting the charge to 400w at various points during the night. I have attached a screenshot from the app which shows there is definitely something up with the car! Has anybody seen this at all? would a 12v disconnect do anything maybe? Thanks!
I took mine first edition to a fast charger to check it out before a long journey and the charger was rated at 350 KW, but the ora is limited to about 60 KW, it gave me an extra 40 miles range in 40 minutes or from 70 miles to 111 miles, going to the dealer in a couple of weeks to check it out, at home I have a 7KW charger and get 45 miles extra for 3 hours charge off peak
Hi @nigeldspink

Have you sorted out your issue?

In my case a few days back I tried to charge car at public charging station for the first time, plugged in cable and in a few seconds I got red light on the charger. Since than I can charge at fast charge with good speed, but at home now my Ora charges at rate 0.2 kwh!!! Going to call dealer anyway, but maybe someone the experienced same issue?
mine is currently with the dealer, they have installed the latest software, used a fast charger twice for 40 minutes at a time then a slow balancing charge for 16 hours, the car is now 95% full with a range of 131 miles so I think the battery is faulty, but awaiting a decision, It was indoors when charged temp 21 degrees