Ōra (邑楽町, Ōra-machi) is a town located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. As of 31 August 2020, the town had an estimated population of 26,267 in 10,382 households, and a population density of 840 persons per km². The total area of the town is 31.11 square kilometres (12.01 sq mi).

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  1. A

    Download Navigation maps

    Hi, On the built-in navigation app, I see local maps, online maps and USB option to upload maps. Where can I find maps that comply with the ORA Funky Cat navigation app (to upload via the USB)? Thanks in advance
  2. O

    Insurance 03

    Hi everyone. Recently ordered an Ora 03 Pure+ on a lease deal. This doesn't show up on most comparison sites and when it does I'm only getting a couple of quotes back and in the >£1000 mark If I change the insurance to a year old Funky Cat, plenty of quotes in the £400 range. Anyone know who...
  3. Stuart Wright

    From Carwow: New Ora electric saloon car revealed for the UK: price, specs and release date

    https://www.carwow.co.uk/ora/news/6874/new-ora-lightning-cat-electric-saloon-price-specs Ora is launching a new electric saloon to sit above the Funky Cat. It’s called the Lightning Cat in China, however a UK name hasn’t been confirmed just yet. New Ora electric saloon revealed Retro-designed...
  4. Miles Roberts CG

    New 4.9% APR finance offer for Ora Funky Cat

    There's a new 4.9% APR finance offer with GWM Ora for the Ora Funky Cat: Improved residuals too, so the monthly payments are looking more favourable. https://www.chorleygroup.co.uk/gwmora/new-car-offers/ora-funky-cat-first-edition/
  5. J

    Importing the Ora?

    I don't think it is any secret that I love this car - the styling inside and out, the quality of the interior, the technology etc etc. But it is also no secret that I am disappointed that we don't get the top spec model in the UK which adds the heated front seats (which I would sorely miss from...
  6. Stuart Wright

    ORA Cat test drive experience

    Visited Lookers Wolverhampton today to have a good look at the ORA Cat and also took it for a 30 minute test drive. The salesman confirmed that the car is shipping without the ‘funky’ emblem and it’s being referred to as just the ORA Cat. They had the blue and red ones on site. Red is...
  7. Miles Roberts CG

    Sales incentives announced by GWM Ora UK

    3 options: £1000 Finance deposit contribution* Free Octopus Energy Ohme home charger** £1000 Electroverse voucher code *GWM ORA deposit contribution only available on Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase. Representative Example based on 8,000 miles per annum. Credit is subject to...
  8. Cocijo

    Does Anyone Have the Ora UK sales figures? Are they selling?

    It still seems very quiet in terms of sales - I wondered how many have been sold so far.
  9. O

    Trademark Infringement by GWM ORA

    I have been trying for some time to engage GWM in a discussion about trademarks. GWM have registered a number of trademarks, including 'ORA', however this one was objected to by the IPO and not registered. My company owns the trademark 'ORA' and has used it continuously since it was registered...
  10. Cocijo

    Ora say 3 weeks delivery on the Ora FC!

  11. J

    MeowEV - 3rd party Thai App for Ora Cat Owners

    MeowEV - 3rd party Thai App for Ora Funky Cat Owners Available on Android only via Google Play Store MeowEV - Apps on Google Play About this app A must-have Bluetooth OBD2 tools For ORA Funky Cat Owners (named GoodCat in China) such as NEXPEAK NX101 PRO, Viecar 4.0 ELM327, Vgate iCar Pro...
  12. Stuart Wright

    Book your ORA Cat test drive

    Test drives are available from November 28th 2022 onwards. This is the booking page: https://gwmora.co.uk/test-drive/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=firstlook_roundup&utm_campaign=testdrive
  13. Stuart Wright

    ORA Cat previews now available at one of the four first retailers - bookings now available

    This message just received from ORA UK: We’d love you to join us for an exclusive ORA Funky Cat preview event at one of our retailers. You could be amongst the first in the UK to get up close and personal with our highly anticipated ORA Funky Cat First Edition launch model. To add to the...