ora funky cat

The Ora Good Cat or Haomao (Chinese: 好猫; pinyin: Hǎomāo) is a battery electric compact car produced by Great Wall Motors under its electric vehicle brand, Ora since November 2020. It is marketed as the Ora Funky Cat in several markets, and GWM Ora in Australia.

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  1. J

    Software update UK

    Am I missing something? My 03 is on version 1.0 of the software. I periodically check for updates but have never had one. Is that because there have been none?
  2. James Clay

    GWM Ora responds to insurability woes with new battery scheme

    GWM Ora responds to insurability woes with new battery scheme Chinese EV brand, GWM Ora responds to insurability woes with new battery scheme | Auto Express GWM ORA is taking steps to boost confidence in the insurability of its cars by launching a new battery inspection and service initiative...
  3. G

    Setting "Frequently Used"

    Whenever I start I ALWAYS have to activate One pedal driving and turn OFF Emergency Lane Keeping. To do that takes 8 clicks! How can I store these settings in “Frequently Used”?
  4. ProfTiss

    Network connection

    I'm really struggling to get the app to work with the car which is I think due to the car not connecting to the mobile network. It seems to fade in and out of connection and even when it is showing 3 bars of 3G, I get the error message saying network connection problems. It means I can't use a...
  5. O

    How to disable Ora alarm as cannot leave dog inside car if running into a shop

    I can't figure out how to disable alarm when my pet is in the car and need to pop into a shop or run an errand. It keeps going off because it detects movement.
  6. F

    Door opened message

    My dog woke me up at about 3am last night and I noticed 4 messages telling me my car door was opened from several minutes before in my phone. I checked and the car was still locked. Anyone else get random messages like this from the app?
  7. C

    App Milage

    so my Ora funky Cat can now do 290 miles on 50% charge 🤣 this happened to anyone else ?
  8. DataBitz

    Jacking points and wheel nut torque

    Has anyone found information about the best jacking point and wheel nut torque settings? Doesn't seem to be in the owners manual.
  9. F


    Anyone sourced 3rd party car mats for their cat? I got some generic ones at Halfords on day one but the drivers mat migrates around the floor and is not helping keep the carpet clean.
  10. William

    We Buy Any Car valuation

    Last month (February) I was quoted £18,375, this month my valuation is £16380. I've only done 8,000 miles. Soon it will be worth less than the guaranteed buy back value at the end of the term.
  11. G

    Any good tires for Ora

    Got Ora a few days back. Found during a rain, standard(I think it's standard to Ora tyres - Giti Comfort) tyres a spin a lot at starting driving. Any suggestion for a good tyres replacement?
  12. G

    Irish map

    Hi, Is there a way to download Irish map to Ora? In my Ora there are several maps including EU and UK, but there is no Ireland. Any thoughts?
  13. F

    New Cat owner here

    Hi all I got my Funky Cat on Friday, I prefer that name, but had to work Friday and Saturday so today was the first proper drive. I went Northampton to Ely and back and I love the adaptive cruise control and the keen acceleration. So far the nagging from the car has been minimal and not...
  14. A

    Lower Amperage during charging?

    Hi There, Is there a way to lower the amperage on dashboard during charging? I have looked everywhere and no options on app either. I have an old Rolec charger ( 2017 ) and keeps tripping after one hour of charge. It also happens with our other electric car, but I can fix by just lowering from...
  15. C

    USB Media (music)

    Hi anyone know how to get it to display files as mine just gives me a list of songs all mixed up no way to select an artist or album, just one long list of over 1000 songs 🤣
  16. A

    Range!!! (Again) and other Issues?

    Hi all, hope you are well. I am thinking of leasing the 03 Pure+, but was worried about the mileage range. There are so many conflicting comments online that im now confused. Can you please tell me roughly what sort of range you get please? I do a 110 mile round trip once a week, so wanted to...
  17. Stuart Wright

    2 First Edition 72 plate ex demo red 03s for £26k at Lookers Wolverhampton

    Went with my wife to test drive the 03 last week and while at Lookers Wolverhampton spotted a couple of the red 72 plate 03 demo cars with a £26k price on them. FYI. The salesman said that they’d take sensible offers on that, as well.
  18. Stuart Wright

    ORA 03 sat nav - does it show motorway lanes?

    Since without Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, we can’t use Waze with its excellent display of lanes on a motorway, I want to ask whether the ORA 03 has the same display of multiple motorway lanes with an indication of which to take? Here is how Waze looks Could anyone please share how it looks...
  19. ahasenack

    Annoying "zzzttt!" sound whenever pressing the brakes

    Hi all, I have an Ora 03 GT in Brazil (it's the one with the 63kWh battery, I think it's called Pro 400 or something elsewhere), and was wondering if you guys also hear this noise. Basically whenever the brakes are pressed, in one or two seconds an electric "zzzzzztt!" can be heard, quite loud...